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The WheelHouse delivers unique Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) apprenticeship programs, bringing students into real-world projects with business leaders working in fast-emerging fields within advanced science, technology and engineering fields. WheelHouse programs deliver powerful educational enterprise with private sector businesses and entrepreneurs providing project management and mentorship - a triple play for students with authentic business experience, dual enrollment in post-secondary course work related to their chosen pathway, and pay (a stipend during the school year and a pathway-related job in the summer). Through these innovative education programs, students are able to stay engaged year-round in their chosen pathway and can prepare for the world of work, develop electronic portfolios and gain skills badges and portable certifications that are backed by industry professionals.


Project Scope and Action Plan

Fall 2014

  • Establish staff point of contact or WheelHouse (WH) School Liaison
  • Identify students for intake into Project 13 model
  • WH staff and business partners meet to develop implementation timeline
  • WH staff, business partners meetings with students and WH Liaison and school administration
  • WH staff meets 1/week with student teams to begin WH Process
  • Online learning community platform exposed and implemented to all participants
  • Worksite visits to explore workforce training options and interests

Spring 2015

  • Student teams are established based on areas of interest based on the four STEM tracks
  • Post-secondary online courses identified for student enrollment
  • Standards aligned student ePortfolios introduced for designing and development
  • Students placed at work site for career mentoring, workforce training and skill development (1/2 day experiential schedule)
  • WH staff and business partners monitor student success and learning (ongoing)
  • Students placed in interest based paid apprenticeships


Summer of 2015

  • Continuation of student paid apprenticeship – possible STEM track transfer based on interests
  • Ongoing mentoring, eportfolio design and career/workforce training and development
  • Continuation of college credit bearing courses and certification programs
  • Review student exit strategies i.e. college, career, continued training
  • New student cohort orientation and enrollment for WH 2015 - 2016

Contact Info


Contact Info

Bob Welsh, Director

(717) 579-5634



ron Grigsby, Coordinator