School to Table 

School to Table™ (STT) is a partnership between                              and INTAG.  The STT™ partnership combines the aquaponic technology offered by INTAG with the holistic programming options by WheelHouse which are priced separately.  STT™ provides an opportunity to take advantage of an INTAG aquaponics system through its programming options, which include:

  • Toolkit for accessing funding through grants and corporations

  • Credit bearing teacher training

  • Dual College/University enrollment for participating students

  • Paid apprenticeships for students

  • Business development planning

  • Marketing and distribution planning

  • Developing relationships with local chefs and restaurants


What sets STT™ apart in the field of Innovative Education and Work Development is cross-sector partnership.  Students in the STT™ programs learn a full spectrum of related fields involving localized agriculture, which enables more young people to participate in regional economic development.

The systems and curriculum are designed to support Innovative Education tracks in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and include engineering solutions for water flow, chemistry, botany, accelerating grow cycles, harvesting techniques, food safety, and wholesale distribution of the products (fish, fruit, and vegetables).  Also, available is programming content in small business, entrepreneurial education, nutrition, and e-commerce centering on food production.